Iranian startups faring even better amid pandemic

Press TV – The knock-on effects of the coronavirus outbreak have been devastating for nearly the entire global economy but some businesses are faring even better in the new condition.

While many struggle to keep their businesses afloat startups like this one are cashing in on the health crisis by offering much-needed medical services. Since the outbreak of the virus, many previously unheard-of health apps have appeared on billboards to jump on the wagon.

Avid is another fledgling startup that provides online health consultation and telemedicine and now that everyone has questions about the coronavirus boom an 80-million strong market is there for the newbie business. Online shopping platforms have also seen a boom in turnover at a time when internet has become the safest way for shopping and window-shopping amid social distancing.

As daily cases of COVID-19 in Iran witness a slow downturn, the government is gradually reopening its economy, and many low risk businesses have resumed activities but the still many customers bulk at physical buying, and online service providers will continue to have an edge for a foreseeable future.

Clearly nobody wins when it comes to the coronavirus but these startups say there’s always a silver lining to every crisis. And the pandemic has inevitably offered an opportunity for such nascent businesses to find a foothold in the market but only if they meet people’s demands fairly.