Rouhani censures US inhumane conduct, calls for European serious stances

FNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani lashed out at the irrational and inhumane US move to ban Iran and pull out from the JCPOA, and asked for Europe’s serious stance against such moves.

“Persistence of this behavior is an inhumane move, and Iran expects European countries to adopt serious stances against such behaviors”, Rouhani said.

He made the remarks in a phone conversation with his Croatian counterpart Zoran Milanović on Monday.

The Presidents of Iran and Croatia emphasized the need for promotion of ties and cooperation, and asked for all countries’ collaboration in the fight against coronavirus which has affected nearly the whole world.

The Croatian President, for his part, said, “As a country with an old history and civilization and an exceptional position in the region, Iran is of special importance for Croatia.”

Zoran Milanović described as ‘inhumane and wrong’ the US move to intensify sanctions and pressure on Iran in these tough conditions.

In relevant remarks on April 24, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif rapped the US bullying policies on Iran’s nuclear program, and lambasted the European blind obedience to Washington.

“US has been bullying all against UNSC Resolution 2231 since 2017. Europe obeyed US instead of 2231,” Zarif said in a tweet.

“Neither can lecture Iran based on flimsy misreadings of UNSCR 2231,” he added, reiterating that there are no nuclear weapons in Iran.