Iran power consumption up 12%

Financial Tribune – Nearly 150 small towns in southern deprived areas namely Kerman, Fars and Sistan-Baluchestan were linked to the national grid in 2019 and rural communities with over 20 homes (31,000 households) are now connected to the network

Electricity consumption surpassed 37,000 megawatts between April 20 and 22 and peaked at 37,500 MW on Wednesday, April 23.

According to Barq News website, this was at least 12% higher compared to the year before when it was 33 gigawatts.

Power consumption increased 500 megawatts (in the household sector) in the past few days, reaching 37,500 MW, and this is while the temperature has not risen in many parts of the country. The mercury in Tehran on Friday afternoon showed 23 °C.

According to Iran Grid Management Company data, electricity exchange between Iran and the neighboring states including Azerbaijan was around 3 GW during the three days.