COVID-19 outbreak could peak again, Iranian official warns

Tasnim – An Iranian deputy minister of health cautioned that the novel coronavirus outbreak could reach a new peak again all over the world.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Iraj Harirchi said nowhere in the world is immune from a new coronavirus peak.

“Until further notice, the second, third and umpteenth peak is quite probable in the entire world, even in the countries that are apparently clean,” he said of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Harirchi explained that a downward trend in the coronavirus cases in Iran’s hardest-hit provinces, such as Qom and Gilan, does not mean that the threat has been over, but precautionary measures must continue to avert a new peak.

People have to get used to living with the coronavirus and must observe the health tips and social distancing regulations until a vaccine for the disease will be made, he added.

The deputy minister further stated that the Health Ministry has launched the second stage of screening programs across the country, and more than 99 percent of people have been screened in the first stage.

On Monday, the spokesperson for the Iranian administration said the novel coronavirus infection rate and the number of deaths from the disease are on a downward trend in Iran.

Ali Rabiee also noted that more than 72 million Iranians have been screened for COVID-19, saying the second stage of screening includes targeted tests.

“There is nothing known as normalization of situation… We ought to live with distancing and observance of the instructions until the day that the Health Ministry announces the defeat of the virus,” he added.