Health ministry receives budget to fight coronavirus

IRNA – A high-ranking official of Iran’s Ministry of Health said on Saturday that the Planning and Budget Organization has provided the Ministry of Health with 3050 billion tomans to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Kamel Taghavinejad said in a video press conference that 1,200 billion tomans of the money will be given to the medical universities to purchase the equipment they need from Iranian companies.

Taghavinejad said that 40 billion tomans have already been provided for the universities by benefactors, adding that a ticker symbol has been defined on the stock market to gain the trust of the people.

He said the gains of Corona1 go to the medical universities and the gains of Corona2 go to the health system of the country, adding that President Hassan Rouhani had allocated 200 billion tomans for those who were fighting the virus at the frontlines, which was paid last month.

He also said that the Iranian diaspora has also helped, and ever since 2005, the World Bank gave us a load – 50 million dollars, adding that another 130 million euros were loaned by Islamic Development Bank.