Food price changes reviewed

Financial Tribune – The Consumer Price Index of food and beverage group in the 12-month period ending March 19 increased by 43% compared with last year’s corresponding period

The Statistical Center of Iran has reviewed the price changes in food products during the month ending March 19 in a recent report.

The biggest month-on-month price rise for a food item during the month under review was recorded for oranges with 19.4%. A kilogram of oranges was sold at 68,793 rials (42 cents).

The second and third biggest month-on-month price increase during the period under review was registered for onions with 17.3% and potatoes with 10.7%, the Statistical Center of Iran reported.

A kilogram of onion was sold at 85,164 rials (53 cents) and a kilogram of potatoes went for 47,117 rials (29 cents) last month.