Iran: Minimum wage to rise by 21%

Financial Tribune – Minimum wage will rise by 21% in the new Iranian year that started on March 20, as per the decision made in the last session of Supreme Labor Council on April 8.

After three failed meetings, the representatives of workers, employers and the government agreed to increase the minimum wage from last year’s (March 2019-20) 15.17 million rials ($94) per month to 18.34 million rials ($113) this year. They set worker’s monthly allowance at 4 million rials ($24.8) and the daily wage at 611,809 rials ($3.8), IRNA reported.

The severance pay base was set at 17.5 million rials ($108) and the housing allowance at 1 million rials ($6.2). For each child under 18 years, workers will receive 1.83 million rials ($11.3).