US insisting on sanctions drives world toward humanitarian disaster

IRNA – Iran’s ambassador to Russia wrote in a Twitter message on Wednesday that the insistence of the United States on sanctions has made the world face a humanitarian disaster during coronavirus outbreak.

Kazem Jalali wrote that in the condition that the coronavirus is still around and the world is facing a depression worse than the 2008 one, the US’ insisting on the unilateral policy of sanctions and medical terrorism against Iran and some other countries has made the world face another serious crises.

Jalali added that leaders of the US opposed Russia’s suggestions to remove all the sanctions of countries fighting with coronavirus, which is a typical example of the unilateralist and unrealistic policies of the US decision-makers.

Head of Iran’s Health Ministry’s Public Relations Office Kianoush Jahanpour said on Wednesday that 29,812 people out of a total of 67,286 infected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) have survived and recovered whereas 4,003 have succumbed to death.

Jahanpour went on to say that 1,997 new affected cases have been detected since yesterday.

The Iranian official pointed out that 3,956 cases are in critical condition.