Caricatures on corona and sanctions in Iran

Iran Review – The US, despite its proclamation, is deceiving the global public opinion and has imposed sanctions purposefully and in a targeted manner to deprive the Iranian nation from receiving international aid and assistance and even from purchasing the required medical devices and equipment. The United States should remove obstacles it has created on the way of improving global health.

It is now clear to the entire world that coronavirus is extremely dangerous and contagious and infects all the human Society without restricting itself to the borders drawn between countries. For this reason it is incumbent upon all the countries to rise up on unanimously against this calamitous malady irrespective of all political differences and geographical distances, and cooperate in minimizing its devastating human, economic and social impacts.

During the past days and weeks, and indeed under circumstances in which the people of Iran are in need of international support and sympathy in their fierce and exhausting struggle against the spread of coronavirus, the US administration, unfortunately has remained adamant in tightening the economy siege of the Iranian nation and threatens with sanctions the buyers of Iranian oil which is used as a source for the fight against coronavirus. Additionally under the circumstances in which all the countries of the world including Iran are facing and fighting with the human menace of coronavirus, the US and some of its allies are exploiting the situation as a political tool against Iran. While the people of Iran are grappling with one of the world’s most serious epidemic the US is exploiting and exacerbating the status-quo.

In this text there are some caricatures on Corona and sanctions in Iran.

Source: Corona2plus