Iran to give ‘destructive response’ to enemies’ slightest mistake: IRGC

Tasnim – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) warned that enemies will receive a crushing response in case of making the “slightest mistake” against Iran.

“The slightest mistake by vicious and adventurist enemies at any point against the Islamic Republic of Iran will be their last mistake,” IRGC said in a Tuesday statement commemorating the anniversary of beginning of the Islamic Republic on Farvardin 12th, dubbed the “Islamic Republic Day”.

“The decisive and destructive responses of the Islamic Revolution Front will be astonishing and will not even give the enemies the chance to express regret,” it added.

“The spirit, thought and discourse of this great miracle (the Islamic Republic) have transformed the lines of contact and influence of Iran, even beyond the strategic West Asia region, and turned it into the nightmare of American leaders, the Zionist regime, and their wicked allies,” the statement further said.

On Tuesday, Iran is celebrating the 42nd anniversary of the outset of the Islamic Republic as the country’s official ruling system, which was approved by the overwhelming majority of Iranians in a landmark referendum back in 1979.