Iran president extends social distancing guidelines until April 8

Tasnim – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday extended social distancing measures until April 8 to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus across the country.

Social distancing measures will remain in place until April 8, Rouhani said in an address to a meeting of the country’s national headquarters tasked with containing the outbreak of the coronavirus, COVID-19.

He further thanked people for their cooperation in implementing the social distancing program, which requires them to stay at home and not go on trips.

The president once again called on Iranian people to stay indoors, noting that social-distancing and self-quarantining have helped the country’s health authorities make major breakthroughs in their battle against the viral infection.

The measures include travel restrictions and school closures.

The disease has so far killed 2,898 people and infected 44,606 others in Iran. A total of 14,656 people have also recovered.