US to leave Yemen disappointedly: Iran’s Foreign Ministry

IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry in a statement on Tuesday pointed out that the United States will also leave Yemen disappointedly.

The statement, that was released on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen, added that the United States has proven that its presence in countries, as well as regions, has been tantamount to insecurity and plunder of their assets.

It further added that the devastating war has left nothing but the destruction and killing of Yemen’s innocent and oppressed people for six years.

The cruel sanctions and crimes have made the catastrophic situation of the Yemeni people as world’s greatest human tragedy of the century, the statement noted.

The military invasion pursued by the US and some other states not only turning a blind eye to the war crimes of the invading forces but also continuing to share weapons and intelligence backup, the statement further noted.

The United States has not been satisfied with these measures; the statement reported, adding it has also expanded its military presence in various parts of Yemen.

Since the outbreak of the war, Iran has reiterated that Yemen’s crisis has no military solution; the statement reported, noting that Iran has put forward a 4-article plan in the early days of aggression.

The plan includes an immediate ceasefire, an accelerated humanitarian aid, the elimination of cruel siege, holding dialogue among all Yemeni groups as well as the formation of a comprehensive national government.