Spokesman rejects US human rights report on Iran

Tasnim – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi slammed as invalid an annual report from the US State Department about the status of human rights in Iran.

In a statement on Friday, Mousavi denounced the US State Department’s annual human rights report regarding the situation of human rights in Iran, saying the US regime lacks any political, legal, and ethical eligibility to comment about the issue of human rights.

“A regime whose president proudly issues the order to assassinate the most decent children of Iran, and his accomplices – the US Secretary of State and the Special Envoy for Iran – shamelessly host the most hated anti-Iran terrorist groups and attend their meetings, has nothing to do with the elevated concept of human rights,” Mousavi said, according to the Foreign Ministry’s official website.

“A regime whose president recklessly makes racist remarks, shamelessly defends religious discrimination, degrades women and considers them solely as an object of sexual desire, rejects the people of other countries entry into the US solely based on their religion and race, recklessly and in violation of all international rules and regulations threatens to destroy the cultural centers of other countries, and is an ally and supporter of the infanticidal and butcher Saudi regime and the anti-human Zionist regime, is not in a position to give human rights prescriptions to other countries.”

Mousavi also referred to Mike Pompeo’s explicit and straightforward confession that teaching methods of lying and deception had been part of his curriculum during his presidency over the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and said, “The US’ move to write reports about other countries including Iran is a hackneyed method, and the reports are prepared based on what Pompeo and his comrades have learned at the CIA.”

The spokesman said such reports are based on a series of lies and are made by misrepresenting the realities, exaggerating the weak points, and blackwashing the positive points.

“Therefore, such reports have no value and credibility,” Mousavi stated.

The Iranian spokesman further expressed deep concern over the destructive addiction of the oligarchy ruling the US to systematic lying, targeted racism, and violent xenophobia, saying the US ruling system’s inhumane policies against immigrants are one of the worst instances of racism.

“The US’ insistence on separating innocent children from their parents at the country’s entry points with the aim of intimidating immigrants is one of the most disgraceful encounters of a government with human beings,” he deplored.

Mousavi also deplored the US and some of its Western allies for downgrading the concept of “human rights” to a means and leverage for imposing pressure and defamation.

He went on to say that the US State Department’s report complements the defamation campaigns pursued by institutions affiliated with the US government, including the Amnesty International which practically implements the US regime’s official policies under the guise of a non-governmental organization.