Iran summons Swiss ambassador to protest Trump accusation

IRNA – Swiss ambassador to Tehran was summoned to Iranian Foreign Ministry to hear strong protest over baseless accusation made by US President Donald Trump.

The Swiss ambassador, in charge of looking after the US Interest Section, attended the Iranian Foreign Ministry office on Friday afternoon, according to spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi.

Two days ago, the US president through unfounded accusation, saying that Iran was responsible for attack on the US bases in Taji in north Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

Mousavi told the Swiss ambassador that the US president had better admit the US wrong policies on presence of the American forces in Iraq and killing of the Iraqi soldiers and commanders than accuse others.

Mousavi reminded that the US wrong policies in Iraq have led to the current tensions.

The US officials should know that they cannot escape from responsibility for their dangerous and baseless accusations, Mousavi noted, warning against the aftermath of any unwise measure to be taken by the United States.