Health ministry, National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus protocols must be implemented decisively: Rouhani – President spoke with the Governor-Generals of Qom, Gilan and Mazandaran provinces by telephone and received the latest report on the situation in provinces in fighting coronavirus and treating those infected, and stressed the importance of precise, decisive implementation of all protocols suggested by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus. 

In the phone calls that took place on Tuesday, President Hassan Rouhani instructed the governor-generals to make the necessary predictions about their province’s situation during the New Year holidays and use indoor sport centres and roofed places as hospitals for patients.

Dr Rouhani appreciated the efforts made by the medical and hospital staff in treating patients diagnosed with COVID-19, and emphasised the necessity of using the Armed Forces’ cooperation to establish hospital facilities and mobile medical centres, as well as the use of Armed Forces’ medical personnel to treat patients.

The President stressed the importance of avoiding unnecessary travel and staying at home to help prevent the outbreak of the virus, and urged the Governor-Generals of Qom, Gilan and Mazandaran to encourage the people of their province to fully respect this issue.

Mr Bahram Sarmast, Mr Arsalan Zare, and Mr Ahmad Hossein Zadegan Governor-Generals of Qom, Gilan and Mazandaran briefed the President with the latest situation of the outbreak of coronavirus and those infected by it in their provinces and their needs and shortages.

President Rouhani issued the necessary instructions for supplying the needs and addressing the shortages in this regard.