IRGC sets up base for fight against coronavirus

Tasnim – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has established a base as part of the efforts to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak in Iran, a commander said, adding that people will be hearing good news from the IRGC laboratories in the coming days.

The IRGC formed the Coronavirus Fight Base on Saturday night to coordinate efforts in the battle with COVID-19 and arrange cooperation with the Health Ministry, said the IRGC deputy commander for health and treatment, General Ahmad Abdollahi.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, the general said the IRGC has formulated plans to provide services for ordinary people at its hospitals and medical centers in the cities of Rasht, Qom, Kashan and Gorgan.

He said the IRGC has informed the Health Ministry that it will be establishing mobile hospitals, each with 100 beds, in Qom, Rasht and other cities.

The IRGC is prepared to provide 2,000 to 5,000 hospital beds for people in Tehran and around 1,000 hospital beds in the northern province of Gilan, he added.

General Abdollahi also said the IRGC researchers have launched plans on development of a coronavirus vaccine since the early days of outbreak of the disease, adding that the research program is run by three teams. “One of the medicines has produced positive results in the laboratory stage, and we hope to obtain a result in the clinical stage as well.”

“Our virology laboratory was among the first places that could diagnose the virus, as we can detect the virus in less than 8 hours. In the coming days, we will be giving the dear people good news,” he stated.

The death toll from the novel coronavirus epidemic in Iran has risen to 54 on Sunday, and the total number of confirmed cases of infection has reached 978.

The novel coronavirus has killed more than 2,900 people worldwide, the vast majority in mainland China. There have been more than 85,000 global cases, with infections on every continent except Antarctica.