Two Iranian border guards killed in clashes with terrorists in southeast

Press TV – Iranian police say two border guards have been killed in clashes with members of a terrorist group in the country’s southeastern Sistan & Baluchestan Province.

The police said Saturday that after the guards in the border regiment of the town of Jakigor stepped up control measures on Friday night, they noticed the presence of several terrorists who had advanced towards Iran seeking to attack border units.

It added that the border guards immediately countered terrorists’ heavy fire and made them flee to the neighboring country. The counterattack caused fatalities among terrorist elements.

The police said Sergeant Major Ahmad Rahmani-Fard and Private Ahmad Tavakoli were killed in the clashes.

A delegation led by the border police commander has travelled to the area to investigate the incident.

The skirmishes took place on Friday, when millions of Iranians went to the polls to cast their votes in the country’s 11th parliamentary elections and Assembly of Experts polls. The elections were held with no security incidents.

Iranian forces have lost many of its border guards in recent years in clashes with terrorists who attempted to infiltrate the border and carry out attacks.

Such confrontations are not rare in Sistan & Baluchestan, which borders Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The US and its allies such as Saudi Arabia, along with their spy agencies, actively sponsor terror outfits which are seeking to disrupt Iran’s security.