Election participation biggest boost to Iranian diplomacy to counter US policies: Zarif

MNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that participation in the parliamentary election is the biggest boost to Iranian diplomacy to counter the US policies.

“We are facing US economic terrorism. This economic terrorism is based on the illusion that there is a group in America that has always lied to its government,” Zarif said on Wednesday on the sidelines of the cabinet meeting.

“Still, an ignorant person like Mr. Pompeo tells the US President Trump that the Iranian government will be overthrown within months,” he added referring to the US sanction against Iran.

“Today is the time to tell the Americans that your maximum pressure policy has failed,” the Iranian diplomat noted.

Referring to the impact of public participation in foreign policy, FM Zarif added, “We should force the US to back to the negotiating table of 5+1, not a bilateral one, which it had left it if we want to strengthen our foreign policy to prevent sanctions.”

Stating that the participation of people in the election shows to the US that its sanctions were ineffective, he said, “It is the biggest boost to Iranian diplomacy to counter the US policies.”

“As these people showed at the funeral of Martyr Soleimani, they do not accept American policies and defend their country against its policies, the best indication of this defense is to be present at the elections,” Zarif stressed.