London avoiding to follow US maximum pressure campaign on Iran, UK official says

IRNA – An anonymous Spokesperson at the UK Defense Secretary said on Saturday that Britain’s maritime coalition force which is to protect cargo ships at the Persian Gulf dubbed Sentinel by the Pentagon is not to follow the US maximum pressure campaign against Iran.

Speaking to IRNA, he said the Coalition in the Persian Gulf (which is now under UK-led) has nothing to do with the US maximum pressure.

He noted that London’s position is very different from the US and the UK will continue to push for de-escalation on all sides.

Britain took responsibility for commandership of a navy operation dubbed ‘Sentinel’ comprising seven countries who are to patrol in Iran’s southern waters.

The navy operation initiated in the second half of July by the United States Central Command CENTCOM to stabilize security in this waterway and it was agreed that the US allies carry out duties under the plan dubbed Sentinel or defender of international waterway in the area limiting between Hormuz Strait, Bab al-Mandeb and Sea of Oman.