Iranian students censure US for meddling in elections

Press TV | Ghanbar Naderi: The United States has started a meddling campaign in Iran’s upcoming parliamentary vote. The US behavior runs counter to international rules and norms, that’s according to Iranian students. They told Press TV Iranians have never trusted American politicians or thought of Washington as a repository of moral virtue.

Campaigning for the 11th round of parliamentary elections is now well underway. Over 7,000 candidates have less than a week to campaign for one of the 290 parliamentary seats available to lawmakers in 208 constituencies across the country. The students stressed the need for a high turnout to disappoint the US.

US officials have criticized Iran’s election process as the nation prepares to vote on a new parliament. Many Iranian officials have publicly rejected the notion as baseless claims, arguing that a critical factor in US meddling is that President Trump is seeking re-election in November.

Nearly 58 million Iranians are eligible to vote in the February elections, 50.13% of whom are men and 49.87% are women. Election campaigns end at 8 a.m. local time on Feb. 20, precisely 24 hours before voting begins.