Forex, gold in Tehran moving up

Financial Tribune – Foreign currency and gold coin prices increased in Tehran on Wednesday ostensibly influenced by the upcoming meeting of Financial Action Task Force on Feb 21.

Moneychangers in Tehran sold the dollar for 139,500 rials, 1,500 rials higher than the close of the previous session. Euro was priced 151,080 rials — slightly lower than Monday’s close.

The UAE dirham, a highly influential factor in currency rates in Tehran, soared to 38,000 rials, according to local media.

Often impacted by forex rates, gold prices climbed again on Wednesday. The Emami gold coin gained 0.61%, or 300,000 rials, to reach 51.19 million rials, and Bahar Azadi gold coin gained 150,000 rials and was offered at 50.850 million rials.