Iran eyeing 4% rise in number of domestic startups

FNA – Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari said that his country is robustly after developing its innovative economy, adding that 200 more knowledge-based companies will get activated in the next local calendar year (March 2020-March 2021).

“The number of knowledge-based companies will hit 5,000 at large,” Sattari said on Saturday in his visit with the Supreme Leader’s representative in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province.

He put the current number of knowledge-based companies across the country at 4,800.

Moving in the path of knowledge-based economy should lay the ground for the development and progress of the country, he said, adding, “taking advantage of capacities and potentials of each region and developing knowledge-based firms pave suitable ways for the development and progress in the country.”

Sattari further noted that development of knowledge-based companies plays a leading and important role in cutting dependency of the country to foreign countries.

Taking advantage of high potentials and capacities of the manpower should be taken into consideration as well, he stressed.

Iran has taken wide strides in science and technology, particularly in medical and medicinal fields, in recent years.

Last month, Sattari underlined Iran’s high standing in the region and Asia in biotechnology, and noted, “We are the superior power in the region and Asia in biotechnology.”

On Monday, it was announced that Iranian scientists at a knowledge-based company have succeeded in the production of a 3D scanner to capture in three dimensions the full body of a person.

“The scanner can give the 3D model of a body. The system consists of two parts of a rotary platform and a sensor tower,” Mohammad Sadeq Shah Abadi, the CEO of the company, said.

He explained that for taking a 3D scan, a person should stand on the platform and the 3D sensor starts operation; then the rotary platform rotates so that the sensor can record the specifications of all parts of the body, adding that at last, a software will display the 3D model of a person.

Shah Abadi said that Iran has now joined the main countries which produce 3D scanners, including the US, Germany and Russia.