Iran raps Europe’s illegal move against passenger planes

FNA – Iranian Transportation Minister Mohammad Eslami reprimanded on Wednesday those European countries which refused to deliver fuel to his country’s passenger planes, asserting that the move under the excuse of the US unilateral sanctions is illegal and inhuman.

Addressing the International Conference of Aerospace Association this morning, Eslami lashed out at Europe’s refusal of fuel delivery to Iranian aircrafts in some European airports in recent days under the excuse of US sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic of Iran, describing Europe’s refusal of fuel delivery to Iranian aircrafts as an “inhume and illegal” act.

“Given the US sanctions imposed on Iran since the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the path of growth and development has always become tough and tougher,” he added.

“We have witnessed the inhuman and disgraceful behaviors of Western civilization in this respect. They [Europe] refuse delivering fuel to a passenger plane that has no objective but to render services to humanity and human,” noted the Iranian minister.

Such disgraceful and disrespectful activities are symbol of western civilization who always chant slogan on the human rights and sympathize with the Iranian nation deceptively, Eslami highlighted.

Iran has time and against announced that Washington’s pressure on European countries to pose more pressure against Iranian nationals is part of inhuman nature of the US’ foreign policy.

In November, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi said Washington’s numerous crimes against humanity and American military forces’ use of arms against civilians show the White House’s “hypocrisy” to accuse Tehran of violating human rights.

Early in August, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif blasted the US for continuing to target the civilians around the world, and said that dropping nuclear bombs over Japan is Washington’s legacy.