Boeing 737-800 that crashed in Tehran ‘most popular model in skies’

The Guardian | : Aircraft launched in 1994 can carry 189 passengers and has had some safety issues

The Boeing 737-800 model used by Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) that crashed in Tehran on Wednesday is the most popular aircraft in the sky, used by major airlines from Ryanair to American Airlines.

Boeing’s short-haul workhorse is the predecessor to the 737 Max, the model which was grounded after two fatal crashes in 2018 and 2019.

The 737-800, a single-aisle aircraft that can carry 189 passengers, was launched in September 1994 as part of the 737 Next Generation (737 NG) lineup. As of February 2019 more than 4,900 had been delivered, although it has been superseded by the 737 Max, the US manufacturer’s fastest-selling model ever.

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