Supporting tourism industry tops Iran’s intelligence ministry’s agenda, minister says

IRNA – Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said that his ministry will seriously support tourism industry by creating a secure environment for investment in the tourism sector.

Alavi who is in Sarein, Ardebil province, as representative of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told a gathering late on Wednesday that the global arrogance led by the US has done its best over the past 40 years to present a negative image of the Islamic Iran to the world, as the foreigners consider Iran as a devastated country with violent people.

Any foreign tourist who enters Iran introduces real image of the country as an ambassador and media, he said.

Best way to counter the enemies’ propaganda is to attract more tourists to the country, he said, noting that tourists coming to Iran are amazed to see Iran as a civilized and prosperous country with kind and cultured people.

Describing Sarein as major hub of tourism in Iran, Alavi said that the city can play a crucial role in attracting tourists if its infrastructures are reinforced.

Reaffirming Intelligence Ministry’s support to private sector’s investors, the minister said that it will provide a secure environment for the purpose.