High turnout in elections can boost Iran’s global standing: Analyst

Press TV – An Iranian political analyst says a high turnout in the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections would render enemy plots futile and promote the Islamic Republic’s global standing.

If the elections “lead to a boost in the country’s domestic and general conditions, they will consequently thwart [enemies’] conspiracies and increase the bargaining power of the [Islamic] establishment in the international arena,” said Abbas Abdi in an interview with Press TV.

The upcoming parliamentary elections, which are the 11th since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, will be held in over 200 constituencies across the country’s 31 provinces.

Abdi, who is aligned with the reformist camp, said that the ground must be prepared for people to come to the polls and choose those candidates who they believe can solve their problems and help meet their demands.

A high turnout “will result in the promotion of the country’s standing on the global stage,” he said.

“But if people find that the parliament is not performing as expected, and that the candidates do not reflect public demand, they would not participate in the elections and a low turnout would undermine the country’s strength,” he said.

The Iranian parliament has 290 members who are elected by the people for four-year terms.

Ali Larijani, a three-time speaker, has announced that he will not run for the parliament.

February 21, 2020 will also feature an interim election for Iran’s Assembly of Experts, whose members are directly elected to office by the people for an eight-year term.

The assembly elects and oversees the activities of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and is in a position of authority to either appoint or dismiss the Leader.