SCI surveys monthly food price changes: Tomato inflation highest

Financial Tribune – Tomato prices during the month under review rose by 171.1% and 106.8% compared to the previous month and last year’s similar month respectively 

The Statistical Center of Iran has released a new report on food price changes in the Iranian month ending Dec. 21.

According to the report, the biggest month-on-month price rise was recorded for tomatoes with 171.1%. The average price of a kilogram of tomatoes was at 107,621 rials (83 cents) for the month under review.

The second and third biggest month-on-month price increases were registered for onions with 24.6% and cucumbers with 14%.

A kilogram of onions was sold at 39,904 rials (31 cents) and a kilogram of cucumbers went for 65,889 rials (51 cents) last month.

Eight out of 24 food items under SCI review saw their prices decline in the ninth Iranian month (Nov. 22-Dec. 21).