Iran strongly rejects any role in attacks against US forces

MNA – Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei condemned the US aggression against Iraqi forces on Sunday while rejecting Washington’s claims on Iran.

“To justify this aggression and massacre, and in continuation of its repeated lies, the US administration has introduced Iraqi popular mobilization units as being backed by Iran and also being behind attacks against US bases in Iraq; we strongly reject any role in attacks against US forces,” Rabiei told Fars News Agency on Monday.

The remarks came as US forces launched airstrikes against some bases of Iraqi Mobilization Units on Sunday, claiming the act was in response to alleged attacks against US forces in Iraq. In a statement, Pentagon described the Sunday attack as a ‘defensive’ measure, claiming that the targeted units are sources of destabilization and supported by Iran. According to PMU, the attacks have left at least 25 individuals martyred and another 51 injured.

“This claim, which the US has made without providing any solid evidence, cannot justify bombings and killing of people,” the spokesman said.

He went on to say it is ‘ridiculous’ that “the US is still occupying parts of Iraq, bombing its people without the Iraqi government’s permission, and shamelessly claiming to respect the sovereignty of the country.”

Rabiei noted that the aggression once again has proved the US destructive role for regional peace and security.

“The incident shows that as long as America continues its uninvited presence in Iraq and Syria, peace will be out of reach for all.

“We warn that such brazen actions, which violate the most basic international rules, will have no other effect but to add to the sense of hatred against the occupation and the escalation of insecurity,” he concluded.