Joint project to use tech solutions for environmental pollutions in Iran

Financial Tribune – Iran’s Vice Presidential Office for Science and Technology and the Department of Environment has initiated a joint project to use high-tech innovations to curb environmental pollutions.

Accordingly, the two institutions have called on local startups and knowledge-based companies to introduce their capabilities and products that can be used for addressing environmental challenges prevailing in Iran.

Abbas Esmaeili, the vice presidential office’s secretary for environmental issues, told Mehr News Agency that there are numerous tech firms working on water treatment technologies, soil degradation, air pollution and weather forecast.

The best ideas and products will receive financial, technical and legal support to expand their work and assist the joint project.

“The prevailing environmental issues and pollutions are multidimensional problems that can be approached from different angles. All the natural and human sources of the issues can be considered a base for developing tech ideas and products,” he said.

According to the official, air pollution can be scrutinized from two main angles: One is tackling the moving and non-moving sources of emission, and the other is employing technology to combat air pollutants.