Refinery plans to save Iranian Cheetah in Hormuzgan

SHANA – Persian Gulf Star Refinery has initiated a scheme aimed at preserving Iranian cheetahs in Geno mountains, Hormuzgan Province, southern Iran.

According to the refinery, the facility has voluntarily signed a memorandum of understanding to preserve Geno Biosphere Reserve, in view of the need to implement Article 50 of the Constitution and the universal duty of environmental protection.

Geno Biosphere Reserve, with a total area of 27,500 hectares, situated in the Hormuzgan Province of Iran. It has been designated as a protected area by the Iranian Department of Environment in 1976.

Geno has mountains as high as 3,000 meters above sea level, and in light of this, has a unique climatic and biosphere conditions within the Persian Gulf region.

One of the provisions of the memorandum is participation in implementation of the Endangered Species Protection Scheme and the use of new conservation techniques in the region, hence the Persian Gulf Star Oil Company has undertaken support to the Iranian Geno cheetahs.