Shinzo Abe celebrates Yalda festival to honor President Rouhani

IRNA — Deputy head of the Iranian president’s office for communications Alireza Moezzi said on Saturday that Yalda Night is a common traditional festival shared between Iran and Japan and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe preferred to celebrate the ceremony to honor his Iranian special guest President Hassan Rouhani.

He wrote in a tweet on late Saturday that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe observed the ritual in Iranian tradition in the honor of his Iranian special guest President Hassan Rouhani.

Rouhani, for his part, appreciated his for his host’s good taste and admired observing historic traditions and customs of the two nations.

Shab-e Yalda (Yalda Night) is an Iranian festival celebrated on the “longest and darkest night of the year,” when families gather to joy the festivity in a joyful and exuberant way.