Localization of 8,000 oil, gas items in MOGPC since March

SHANA – The managing director of Maroon Oil and Gas Production Company (MOGPC) said his company had managed to localize manufacturing of 500 items including 8,000 pieces used in oil and gas operations since March.

According to the National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC), Hamid Kavian said the company had become self-sufficient in production of waste water pumps and control valves.

He said, “We inject 98% of the desalination waste water into the wells after complete treatment.

Kavian added that MOGPC had also signed a deal with the private sector for collection about 2 million cubic meters of gas, and soon the company’s gas burning would be minimized.

He also said that Mobile Oil Separator (MOS) and Mobile Oil Treater (MOT) had brought oil burning of the company to zero, adding a total of 115,000 barrels of crude oil had been collected by using MOT and MOS in production operations.