Khark petchem plant eyes enhanced output

SHANA – The production capacity of Khark Petrochemical Plant is expected to increase by 100 tons per day once the facility starts consuming associated petroleum gas (APG) from Doroud III project.

According to the National Petrochemical Company (NPC), Gholamreza Amir Shaghaghi, the CEO of Khark Petrochemical Plant, said on Sunday that the project to collect APG at Doroud III was carried out jointly by Khark Petrochemical Plant and the Iranian Offshore Oil Company.

The project is aimed at preventing burning of APG in Khark region during oil production operation, he said.

He said the project was implemented in the minimum time span possible and would be a major environmental project for the region.

The official also stated that an estimated production enhancement of 75 tons of methanol, 11 tons of propane, 9 tons of butane, 5.7 tons of naphtha and 27 tons of sulfur is expected by launching the project in Khark petrochemical facility.

The plant is expected to become one of the largest producers of methanol and other petrochemical items in the Persian Gulf region by 2025.