Hard-line paper asks for answers on those killed in Iran protests

Al-Monitor – Amnesty International has updated its death toll from the protests in Iran in November to 304.

Iranian authorities so far have refused to issue any official numbers, causing frustration even from hard-line media. Abdullah Ganji, the managing editor of Javan, a newspaper linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, wrote an op-ed asking why the official figures have not yet been released. “The reasons for the human causalities from the November riots have not yet been revealed by official centers, but dozens of varying figures of the numbers killed have been mentioned by hostile movements, media and Western figures,” wrote Ganji. Iranian officials often refer to the November protests as “riots” or the “recent events.”

The protests erupted after President Hassan Rouhani announced cuts to fuel subsidies; the demonstrations were met with a harsh crackdown and an extended internet shutdown.

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