Iranian president tells new ambassador to Russia to expand relations with Moscow

TASS – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has told new ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali to work on expanding relations with Moscow.

“The president underscored the importance of working diligently on the implementation of the agreements between the two countries and of expanding relations with Moscow,” Rouhani’s press service said on Sunday. “He also noted the importance of introducing Russia’s private and state investors to Iran,” the press service added.

Rouhani met with Jalali before the start of the latter’s mission as an ambassador. The date of Jalali’s expected arrival in Russia was not specified.

Jalali was appointed as ambassador to Russia after his predecessor Mehdi Sanai’s appointment expired. Sanai has served as Iran’s ambassador to Russia since 2013. Jalali served as member of Iran’s Mejlis (parliament) until November 2019.