No country in world can challenge strong Iranian security: Navy commander

IRNA — Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Navy, Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi says that Iran’s powerful defense system is indigenously developed and no country in the world can undermine strong Iranian security.

The Rear Admiral who is currently on an official visit in Pakistan, during an exclusive interview with IRNA in Islamabad, said that Iran has developed its security mechanism by its own resources without any external support.

“We believe that through strong collaboration with our eastern neighbors especially Pakistan we can ensure the security of the region especially the maritime security,” he pointed out.

He said that Pakistan in past years has developed its security very well however on the other side Iran faced unjustified sanctions yet we are far ahead of many countries of the world in the defense sector.

Khanzadi added that during the visit of the Pakistani city of Karachi ‘we would be able to have a close eye on Pakistani’s development in the maritime sector.’

He noted that Iran has good experience in the maritime sector and after the success of the Islamic Revolution in the country special focus was paid on enhancing the capabilities of Iran in the defense sector, science and technology, and infrastructure development.

“Now we are working with a strong resolve to further enhance technical, scientific, industrial and maritime capabilities of Iran,” said the Iranian commander.

Khanzadi went on to say that today Iran is self-sufficient and independent in all fields and we have a special plan to develop defense equipment.

He said that the Iranian nation should rest assured that very soon we will unveil highly sophisticated and technologically advanced defense equipment.

The commander added that Iran and Pakistan share a long border on land and in the sea which is comparatively peaceful.

The official said that some western countries and arrogant powers talk about the security of the Strait of Hormuz because they have failed to form a so-called coalition in the area to justify their illegal presence in the region.

He said that the presence of the external forces in the Strait of Hormuz would undermine the peace of the region.

Khanzadi added that we have told the Pakistani authorities that the presence of the external forces in the region is in no one’s interest which they agreed upon.

Naval Chief went on to say that Iran believes that close cooperation and collaboration among the regional countries would bring stability in the area which should be enhanced further.

He said that arrogant powers have not been able to form a so-called coalition as they knew that the move would put their economies under heavy financial burden.

The commander expressing his views said that the UK has already left the region and it also seems that the US is also planning to leave the area.

Khanzadi said that Iran shares land and sea links with four of its fifteen neighbors including Pakistan.

He said that last year Pakistan Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi visited Iran where he held important meetings to enhance maritime cooperation between the two states and my visit to Pakistan is to reciprocate that visit.

He noted that Iran and Pakistan are seriously trying to enhance their maritime cooperation and are closely cooperating in operational, technical, training and intelligence sharing areas.

Khanzadi went on to say that Pakistan navy in near future will hold Aman international naval exercise in which Iran is also invited. He said that we have given our views to Pakistani authorities on the matter and we are planning about Aman exercise and navel drills of Indian Ocean Navel forces which would be held after a few months.

He said that Chabahar and Gwadar ports are located at an important geopolitical position. He noted that they are not rival ports and their development would bring economic stability in the region.