US seeks collapse of Iran nuclear deal, says senior Russian diplomat

TASS – Russia is very much concerned about the fate of the Iranian nuclear deal and the United States’ attempts to ensure its collapse, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Thursday.

“We are very much concerned about that,” he said. “It is clear that the United States is deliberately seeking the collapse of the agreement and wants be in a situation where it will impose its own political will on everyone. That would be the worst-case scenario from every point of view, primarily from the perspective of consequences for the non-proliferation regime and from the perspective of encroaching upon countries’ sovereign rights.”

According to Ryabkov, the Iranian nuclear deal situation was an example of how the domestic political environment in the US could affect the situation in other countries. “It is strange and wrong, generally speaking, when many large countries, especially the United States’ allies, are not fully aware of the seriousness of the situation,” he stressed.