Impact of tourism on economic development in Iran

MNA – The rich culture, fantastic history, and mysterious atmosphere of Iran attract tourists from all around the world to this astonishing country. Although Iran offers fascinating natural wonders and the diversity of climates that allow tourists to travel to Iran in different seasons, the tourism industry is not as thriving as it is expected to be.

As a country with an oil-based economy, Iran is one of the wealthiest countries in Asia and it may seem like that it does not need any other source of income. However, climate change and environment degradation transform the culture of depending on oil reserves to the green economy and sustainability.

Oil and other natural resources are not a safe and permanent way to have a growing economy since they will run out eventually. Therefore, developing the tourism industry is an effective way to create more job opportunities, boost the economy by being a source of foreign exchange earnings, and improve the image of Iran. All of these developments and more are what Termeh Travel is trying to achieve.

What is Termeh Travel?

A group of passionate young people based in Isfahan, started Termeh Travel in 2019, with a common purpose, “It is time to make a difference.” This new online-local travel platform found its place in the tourism industry in such a short time and became a perfect host for travelers, who are eager to explore Iran.

What Does Termeh Travel Do?

Termeh Travel team is concerned about its society and constantly tries to contribute to the betterment of Iran.

Travel Services

The main goal of Termeh Travel is “to make traveling to Iran easier than ever,”. By providing the online platform for purchasing Iran visa, Termeh Travel is turning the frustrating process of getting a visa into an easy and trouble-free online system.

In Termeh Travel’s website, you can also find other services such as transportation, travel insurance, and tourist debit cards. All of these services are online and gives you the opportunity to calculate the price and purchase what you need.

Termeh Travel Blog

Termeh Travel focuses on creating exciting and informative content on their blog. A variety of posts about different aspects of Iran is available to give people a sufficient amount of knowledge about Iran.

You can find useful information about accommodation in different cities of Iran, you get to know the culture and atmosphere of this amazing country, and you can read recipes of the most delicious Persian foods.

Iran Tour Packages

By organizing different tour packages, Termeh Travel does its best to give a grasp of the outstanding beauty of Iran to visitors. These Iran tours offer the most pristine and magical nature of Iran and let tourists have unforgettable memories of their trip. The tour operator team customizes each itinerary exactly based on the travelers’ preferences with an understanding of what is important to them and what can make them excited the most.

Using Local Tour Guides

Using local tour guides for each tour is significant for Termeh Travel since the future of tourism is bringing locals back into the business. Local tour guides are born and raised in that specific culture, which helps them to have better knowledge about that area. The whole process creates jobs and increases the income of the country as well.

Influencer Marketing

The role of media in today’s world is undeniable. Whatever has been promoted in the media can change everything to positive or negative. Media platforms have shown a different image of Iran to others. People of foreign countries think of Iran as an undeveloped, dangerous country and this image must be changed. By inviting social media influencers to Iran, Termeh Travel tries to show the authentic glory of Iran to the world.

People all around the world need to see the beauty of Iran and get to know its hospitable people. Social media such as Instagram can be the best platform to represent this fact.

What Makes Termeh Travel Different?

What Termeh Travel team does is not only a job for them. The team has a thirst for contributing to empowering their country and offering the best experience to those who visit Iran. Behind every aspect of organizing a trip or providing information, there is a passionate group that cares about minor details and wants to make sure everything goes according to the plan. To find out how successful the team has been in this mission, you can read the reviews that travelers had posted on reliable travel websites.

Source : virlan