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Iranian parliament members seek answers after deadly protests

Al-Monitor – While the protests over gas prices in Iran have completely died down and the internet is back up, Iranians and some officials are attempting to put together the pieces of what happened after President Hassan Rouhani announced fuel subsidy cuts on Nov. 16. Government officials have not yet offered a tally of the number killed or arrested as a result of the protests. Members of parliament, therefore, have sought a special committee to investigate the November protests.

Parvaneh Salahshour, a member of the Reformist Hope bloc, said Dec. 2, “From the very beginning, when the protests occurred, members of parliament began to think of a solution to find out the truth about what happened. Bits and pieces of news from different places have reached us with tremendous differences in statistics.”

Salahshour added, “We see among the deaths that there are juveniles, and this is extremely sad. Given these situations and events is why we wanted to form a fact-finding committee.” She said she hoped the committee would be permitted to be formed because “there are concerns in the majority of the cities, and [parliament members] want to be able to tell their people what happened.”

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