Envoy: Austria displeased with US sanctions against Iran

FNA – Austrian Ambassador to Iran Stefan Scholz underlined his country’s displeasure with the US sanctions against Tehran, and hoped for the further expansion of economic ties between Vienna and Tehran.

“We are very sad about the conditions and sanctions against Iran, but our goal is to take the opportunity and time ahead to remove the sanctions as soon as possible,” Scholz said during a visit to Payam Free Economic Zone in Alborz province on Monday.

He expressed the hope that effective relations will be established for the presence of new Austrian companies and economic businesses in Iran.

Scholz underscored that the relations between Vienna and Tehran have been built based on mutual confidence.

In relevant remarks in July, Scholz had underlined the necessity for protecting the nuclear deal, saying that Tehran should be able to benefit from its economic advantages.

“Iran enjoys this legal right to use the economic benefits of the nuclear deal and there is no doubt about this fact,” Scholz told FNA in the Northern city of Semnan.

He stressed his efforts to pave the ground for the Iranian and Austrian companies’ cooperation through his visits to different provinces of Iran.

“We hope that friendship between the two countries’ people will deepen and lead to the development of relations,” Scholz said.