Iran’s Intelligence Ministry issues announcement on Iran International TV

ISNA – Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence announced that it considers actions by Iran International TV and its staff as cooperation with Iran’s foes in terrorist acts.

“Iran International television channel which has been founded by enormous budget supplied by Israel and received activity license in UK, entered the stage with sedition order and focused on incitement and aggrandizing crises in different parts of country since the first hours of recent incidents, like what BBC Persian did in 2010 sedition,” the ministry said in an announcement.

“Our intelligence agents have observed actions by the TV channel and its directors, presenters and experts, especially their communications with individuals inside Iran. The agency has identified and arrested people who sent information to the broadcaster and act in line with its orders, burning public and private assets,” the announcement read.

“Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence decisively considers actions by the broadcaster and its staff as cooperation with Iran’s foes in terrorist acts and accordingly, the Judicial System issued verdict on asset freeze for Iran International staff and their affiliates in Iran. They will also be wanted internationally. Those who express regret and cut cooperation with the TV channels will be pardoned,” it continued.