Iran’s prisons organization says ‘Significant Number’ of detainees released amid unrest

Sputnik – The Iranian authorities have freed a ‘significant number’ of people who were detained during massive protests in the country, head of Iran’s Prisons Organization Asghar Jahangir said on Monday.

“A significant number of detainees have now been released across the country”, Jahangir said, as quoted by Iran’s Tasnim news agency.
He further noted that people would continue to be freed.

On Sunday, Iran’s state-run IRIB broadcaster reported that Iranian law enforcement forces had detained and identified about 180 leaders of the recent anti-government riots.

Protests broke out in several provinces earlier in November over the government’s decision to suddenly increase the price of gasoline. Some of them turned violent and resulted in casualties among protesters and security forces. Afterward, a number of counterrallies took place in protest against the unrest.

According to President Hassan Rouhani, the protests were organized by the United States and Israel to undermine Iran’s national security. Washington has notably openly voiced support for demonstrators.