Greece eager to boost agricultural ties with Iran

IRNA – Greek Agriculture Minister Makis Wedides described his country’s ties with Iran as excellent, saying that Greece is keen on boosting mutual cooperation in the agricultural sector.

In a meeting with Iran’s Ambassador in Athens Ahmad Naderi, he referred to the two countries’ historic ties, saying that they have the potential to promote collaboration in the agricultural sector.

“We are willing to enhance ties with Iran, as it will benefit both sides,” he said.

Iran’s envoy, for his part, pointed to US illegal and unilateral exit from JCPAO and reinstatement of oppressive sanctions against Iran, saying that US officials claim they are supporting the Iranian people on the one hand and not only impose the most severe sanctions against them but also force the others to uphold the sanctions, on the other.

During the meeting, both officials discussed mutual cooperation in the agriculture sector including exchanging goods, machinery and crops and undertaking educational and research workshops and investment in both countries.