Iran calls for cooperation with China in anti-corruption fight

FNA – High-ranking Iranian and Chinese officials in a meeting in Beijing underlined the need for boosting cooperation in the fighting corruption.

During the meeting in the Chinese capital on Saturday, Head of Iran’s State Inspectorate Organization Hassan Darvishian in a meeting with Head of Headquarters for Dealing with Dossiers of National Supervisory Commission of the People’s Republic of China Chen Go Meng called for taking executive steps in line with cooperation deals signed by Iran and China in the field of fighting corruption.

“The State Inspectorate Organization is the highest entity for fighting corruption in Iran as well as the top Ombudsman institute in the country at the same time,” Darvishian said.

The Chinese official, for his part, expressed pleasure over his visit to Iran, saying that Iran’s State Inspectorate Organization has always been and will be one of the major partners of the Chinese Inspectorate and Supervisory Commission.

The two countries boast of very ancient histories, he said, adding that Iran and China have recognized each other’s potentials and intend to take basic steps in line with boosting collaboration.

He described proposals by the Iranian officials as constructive and in line with advancing the two nations’ objectives, and said that he will pursue all of them seriously.

Chen further noted that he will present a report on the visit to the top members of the Communist Party.

The Chinese official reiterated the need for strengthening bilateral relations, and said that the Chinese Supervisory Commission and Iran’s Inspectorate Organization are closer to each other in terms of structure and they can play a crucial role in promoting collaboration by reinforcing deals signed by the two countries.

In a relevant development earlier this week, Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari declared that his country is willing to further broaden ties and cooperation with China in all fields.

“I should emphasize here that relying on its capabilities, the Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to establish dynamic and constructive relations and cooperation on a global level. In this regard, extensive cooperation with China is of a great importance to us,” Sattari said, addressing Iran-China trade conference held on the sidelines of the CHTF China Hi-Tech Fair on Wednesday.

He added that China as a powerful hub in politics, economy and technology in the world and as Iran strategic partner has provided good opportunities for developing political and economic relations with Tehran, noting that Iran has also provided mutual cooperation opportunities for China.

“As a powerful political, economic, and technological hub at the global level, over the past few decades, China as Iran’s strategic ally, has provided us with favorable opportunities to develop economic and political relations, and Iran has also tried to provide mutual cooperation opportunities to China relying on the existing entente between the two countries,” Sattari said.