The Iran Project

Tehran to continue nuclear cooperation with Moscow, says Iranian official

TASS – Tehran plans to continue cooperation with Russia in the nuclear sector, including on stable isotope production at the Fordow facility, Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization Spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said on Saturday.

“We are able to proceed with the work independently, but we would like to continue the cooperation with Russia,” he said in a statement broadcast by the state television.

“Russia has rich experience in production of stable isotopes,” the official said, adding that “Moscow is a good partner, which is more experienced in that area” than Tehran. He also noted that “cooperation with Russia in other sectors will continue as well.”

Moscow and Tehran are implementing a bilateral high-tech project on reconfiguration of two cascades of centrifuges at a former uranium enrichment plant in Fordow for production of stable isotopes for industrial and medical use. Moreover, Russia’s Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation is working on a project to construct the second stage of the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant in Iran (the second and third energy units) with a total capacity of 2,100 MW.

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