US hue and cry over expiry of Iran’s arms sanctions aimed to sell more weapons

IRNA – Expert of International Affairs Abbas-Ali Mansouri-Arani,said that the US much ado about the end of weapon’s sanctions on Iran aims to sell more weapons to the region.

The move the US made is actually “a forward escape” and in line with the psychological war on Iran, said Abbas-Ali Mansouri-Arani, about the recent remarks made by the US officials about the end of weapons sanctions on Iran.

Mansouri-Arani said that it is surprising the US which used the first atomic bomb, imposed innumerable wars on other countries, and established and backed terror groups like al-Qaida, Taliban, and Daesh (the ISIS) are now accusing Iran.

Reminding the several reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency confirming that all the nuclear activities of Iran are peaceful, he said this is while the US and its allies, e.g. the Zionist regime, are the biggest users of the unconventional and prohibited weapons.

The former parliamentarian said that this kind of psychological warfare has become threadbare for people and media. After they made the strategic mistake of withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, aka the nuclear deal, the US is now trying to make the Europeans do the same thing. But, contrary to what Washington demands, they have announced that they would stay in the deal.

Stressing that the general public should be enlightened about the crimes of the US and the terror groups they support, he said that possessing conventional weapons is a right for each and every country and has not been banned by the international law.

The doctrine of the Islamic Republic is “deterrence and defense” and that’s why all the weapons it makes suit the goal, he said.

Referring to the US goals to promote Iranophobia, Mansouri-Arabni said that Iranophobia can prosper the weapon factories of the US and attracts deals worth hundreds of billions of dollars with their puppets in the region to them.

He said that Iran has been living in peaceful coexistence, and that the US-controlled puppet rulers of the region know that Iran doesn’t plan to invade any country, but they cannot help yielding to the US pressure to by weapons, so they need to come up with an idea for the public opinion of their countries.

He said that they spend billions of dollars on buying weapons, instead of using the money for developing their countries.

The arms sanctions set by UN Security Council Resolution 2231 on Iran are going to expire next year, but, the US State Department’s special envoy on Iran Brian Hook wrote in a tweet in the Department of State’s page that in a year, Iran will be able to sell and buy weapons, which ” start a new arms race in the Middle East and further destabilize the region and the world.”