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US extends Iraq sanctions waiver for Iranian gas, power imports

S&P Global – The US has granted Iraq another 120-day waiver that will allow it to continue to import Iranian electricity and natural gas despite US sanctions, a State Department spokesman said Wednesday.

“The waiver ensures that Iraq is able to meet its short-term energy needs while it takes steps to reduce its dependence on Iranian energy imports,” the spokesman said. “We engage regularly with the Iraqi government to support measures that improve Iraq’s energy independence.”

This will be the fifth waiver the US has issued for Iraq since US sanctions on Iran energy exports snapped back nearly a year ago. After an initial 45-day waiver, the State Department issued two 90-day waivers in a row followed by a 120-day waiver in June.

Previously, the US has asked Iraq to show signs that it was reducing its imports of Iranian gas and power to meet its electricity demand. It has also urged Iraq to establish contracts with US companies.

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