Iran builds 200 new cyber defense products: Official

Tasnim – Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali highlighted the country’s major scientific progress and said about 200 new cyber defense products have been made inside the Islamic Republic.

Speaking to Tasnim correspondent in the central province of Arak, Brigadier General Jalali pointed to the “constructive interaction” between the Civil Defense Organization and knowledge-based companies and said some threats facing Iran now are technological and related to cutting-edge sciences, including nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Defense against these threats in cyberspace and other areas is carried out through using the country’s scientific and research capacities, he said, adding that the needed products are made by the knowledge-based companies.

“Fortunately, with the implementation of policies adopted by the country’s Civil Defense Organization in this area, we have managed to make about 200 serious cyber defense products (in) knowledge-based companies,” he said.

The official further emphasized that all of the products have successfully passed cyber defense tests.

In comments in May, Jalali said Iran has become the top power in the region in terms of cyber security.

In 2018, Iran’s Civil Defense Organization made a series of arrangements to counter the US hostile strategies and its potential move to block Iran’s access to the Internet.

Iran launched the first phase of its national data network in 2016 after a gap of eleven years.

The national network offers a new internet system with higher security which officials say would be up to 60 times faster than the best speeds currently available. It is also designed to be more secure to potential cyberattacks.