Iranian speaker praises Iraq for hosting Arbaeen pilgrims

Tasnim – Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani highlighted the close bonds between the Iranian and Iraqi nations, describing the Arab country’s hospitality during the Arbaeen season as a clear sign of Tehran and Baghdad’s mutual support for one another.

The Iranian Parliament speaker, who is in Serbia for the 141st Assembly of the International Parliamentary Union (IPU), held a meeting with chairman of Iraq’s Foreign Relations Parliamentary Committee, Sherko Merwaes, on Tuesday.

In the meeting, Larijani said the Iranian and Iraqi nations have always stood by each other, citing the Arab country’s hospitality during the Arbaeen season, when millions of pilgrims travel to Iraq to pay tribute to Imam Hussein (AS).

Highlighting Iran’s support for democracy in Iraq, Larijani said certain countries have been opposing calm and security in Iraq, adding that the recent violent unrest in the Arab country was a plot that did not include civil protests alone.

For his part, the Iraqi lawmaker stressed the need for the expansion of the “deep and premium” relations with Iran in various political, economic and cultural fields.

In remarks last month, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei highlighted the religious commonalities between the Iranian and Iraqi nations and said enemies’ conspiracies to sow discord between the two countries have been thwarted.

“The great march of Arbaeen is a divine sign that indicates God’s will to help the Islamic Ummah (community),” the Leader said on September 18, describing the Iraqi people’s welcoming of Arbaeen pilgrims and their hospitality as “unparalleled” and expressing gratitude to the Arab country’s nation and government for their moves to prepare the ground for the “massive” event.

The peoples of Iran and Iraq are two nations whose hearts and souls are tied together, Ayatollah Khamenei said, adding that enemies made extensive efforts to create divisions between the two nations.