Iran’s Police to get mobile stations

Tasnim – The Iranian Police forces are going to be equipped with mobile police stations, a commander said.

General Mohammad Sharafi, commander of an Iranian Police department tasked with prevention of crimes, said an Iranian automaker has undertaken to manufacture the mobile police stations.

He said the Police have placed an order for at least 30 mobile stations, noting that the manufacturer is a local carmaker company located in the central province of Isfahan.
The commander also unveiled plans to provide the Iranian Police forces with smart equipment in all sectors within the next three years.

The mobile police stations could be deployed anywhere in the city based on the needs of Police, and are expected to increase accessibility and public safety and reduce costs.

In 2016, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei called on the Police to constantly boost capabilities and match them to rapid advances in science and technology.

The Leader also hailed Police forces as a pillar of security in the country, stressing that security is the origin of personal peace of mind as well as public and social calmness.

Iran’s Police Force is in charge of ensuring security in the cities, on the roads and along the borders.

It has a broad range of responsibilities and includes several divisions, including cyber police, border guard police, traffic police, criminal investigation department, and a bureau for compulsory military service affairs.